My Story


‘Fire’ in Sanskrit, Agni symbolises the life-giving energy, transformation of the gross to the subtle, will-power united with wisdom, the soul and essence of who we are.

Agni is essential for our wellbeing and balance; it makes us live rather than merely exist. And yet – as my work as a psychologist shows me daily – many of us go through life with our inner fire weak and dim. The fire around us often burns brigter than the fire within us. What complicates things even further is that we are all unique; what rekindles one person’s energy may not work for everybody.  

​This is why I decided to found Agni Yoga; an individualised approach to yoga practice that will nurture your unique fire.

I truly believe that yoga is not about flexibility, adopting impressive poses, gaining Instagram followers, or wearing expensive yoga pants… it’s the way of life that should bring more balance, resilience and freedom of self-expression into our lives. 


Outisde the yoga studio, I’m a Business Psychologist and internationally accredited Life Coach & NLP Practitioner. My work expereince encompass workplace wellbeing and organisational culutre, behavioural science, and psychometrics.

I incorporate all that I’ve learned through work into my practice, making sure that it’s well-grounded in science and relevant to you!


Agni also happens to be an abbreviation of my full Polish name, Agnieszka (though I go by Aggie). Fire has always played a significant role in my life – I’m an Aries in the Western Zodiac, Horse in the Chinese, and predominantly Pitta in the Ayurvedic philosophy, all of which are associated with the fire element. My friends and family can also testify that I’m a bit of a hot-head; stubborn, driven, dominant, and prone to extreme emotions. When I love, I love passionately; when I’m happy, my joy can be truly contageous; but whem I’m sad I tend to hit the rock bottom. I’m definitely not one for ‘golden middles’…

​I can say with full conviction that my initially physically-oriented practice of yoga, has saved my life. It taught me how to harness my strenghts and grow through my weaknesses, and how to become more authentic. Through yoga, I’m becoming less reactive and thus more able to live the life I want to live.

My mission is to help others do the same